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Prices are per person and based on two people sharing a cabin.

These prices are meant as a guide to fares. Actual prices can vary depending on season and availability.

As cabins are booked up and there is less availability, fares will increase, so make your reservation early to get the best fare.

Please call our reservations team on 0333 405 0192 for up-to-date fares.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Train Fares : March - November 2022 & 2023

Journey Twin
Grand Suite
2022 2023 2022 2023 2022 2023
Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris - Innsbruck - Venice 3,785 - £9,975
Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris - Innsbruck
Brussels - Paris - Innsbruck -
Budapest - London £4,120 £2,920 - £2,920 £8,400
Budapest - Paris£4,120£2,920-£2,920£8,400
Florence - Paris £3,785 - £7,350
Geneva - Innsbruck £3,505 - £10,550
Geneva - Innsbruck - Verona £3,785 - £9,975
Geneva - Innsbruck - Verona - Venice £3,785 - £9,975
Istanbul - Bucharest - Budapest - Paris
(5 nights including hotels)
£FULL £17,500 - £35,000 £FULL £55,000
London - Paris - Venice £4,120 £3,353 - £3,353 £8,400 £8,400
London - Paris - Venice (Return) £4,505 £4,505 - £4,505 £14,280 £11,603
London - Verona £2,650 £3,353 - £3,353 £8,400 £8,400
Paris - Budapest - Bucharest - Istanbul
(5 nights including hotels
£FULL £17,500 - £35,000 £FULL £55,000
Paris - Geneva - Innsbruck £3,620 - £11,000
Paris - Geneva - Innsbruck - Verona £4,120 - £11,500
Paris - Geneva - Innsbruck - Verona - Venice £4,120 - £11,500
Paris - Venice £4,120 £3,353 - £3,353 £8,400 £8,400
Rome - Florence - Paris £1,879 £1,879 - £1,879 £6,325 £6,325
Venice - Paris - Brussels £2,379 £2,379 - £2,379 £6,825 £6,825
Venice - Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam £2,379 £2,379 - £2,379 £6,825 £6,825
Venice - Paris - London £2,379 £2,920 - £2,920 £8,400 £8,400
Venice - Paris £2,379 £2,920 - £2,920 £8,400 £8,400
Venice - Rome - Florence - Paris £2,650 £2,650 - £2,650 £6,825 £6,825
Verona - London £2,379 £2,920 - £2,920 £8,400 £8,400
Verona - Paris £2,379 £2,920 - £2,920 £8,400 £8,400
Vienna - London £2,379 £2,379 - £2,379 £8,400 £8,400
Vienna - Paris£2,379£2,379-£2,379£8,400 £8,400

Prices : are per person and based on twin occupancy of a twin cabin. These prices are meant as a guide to fares. Actual prices can vary depending on season and availability. Single occupancy of a twin cabin prices available on request. If a fare is not shown on the table above, please call and we may be able to quote a fare for your journey.

Cabin Suite: Two interconnecting cabins, forming a cabin suite is available on all journeys, on payment of the appropriate cabin suite fare. As the suite is made up of two interconnecting twin cabins, at night you can choose between two lower berths or keep one cabin as a lounge, with upper and lower beds in the other cabin.

Please also see 'Accommodation'.

Please also see 'Venice Simplon-Orient-Express'.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Information

Since the inception of the Orient Express service in 1883 from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey, this exclusive mode of transport has been considered the utmost in luxury train travel. Film stars, royalty, spies, aristocrats, and writers have all made the journey in style and indeed, for anyone, a trip on this magnificent train will create memories to last a lifetime. If you have the opportunity to travel on today's Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, you can expect a trip like no other.

About the Train

The Belmond VSOE has been assembled from original European Orient Express route carriages dating from the 1920s and 1930s, each of which has been meticulously restored and is exquisite down to the last detail. Art deco reigns supreme and you'll even get a glimpse of work done by the famed French glass artist René Lalique. Each of the cars has been lovingly restored with top quality materials and is a wonder to behold.

Compartment Options

There are several compartment options that you can choose from for your journey. Each has a cabin steward to attend to your needs during your travel. The cabins also come stocked with fresh linens and soft, fluffy towels and your cabin steward transforms your space from lounge to sleeping configuration at night while you enjoy dinner. The twin cabin features a lounging area, convenient fold down footstool and table and a cabinet with a washbasin and hot and cold water. A Cabin Suite consists of two adjoining twin cabins and you can use one for lounging and one for sleeping or have them both go back and forth each day. Finally, the three Grand Suites feature a double bedroom and living area with private dining. A private en-suite bathroom is also included with a toilet, shower and wash basin. Each cabin also offers slippers and a bathrobe for your comfort.

On Board

While you travel, your personal steward is on hand to assist you with any needs you have. Enjoy watching the beautiful European scenery glide by past your window and you can join the community feel of the train by leaving your door open and mingling with other travellers. Breakfast and afternoon tea are served in your cabin whilst lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant cars. Dressing for dinner is essential, with lounge suit and tie a minimum requirement for gents. However many gentlemen prefer to enjoy the formality of the occasion and wear a black tie with ladies appropriately attired. In the evening, the Bar Car is the social hub where you can stop by for pre and post-dinner drinks, and you won't want to miss trying the famous Guilty 12 cocktail inspired by "Murder on the Orient Express."


All meals on board the Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express are prepared by French chefs. Breakfast is served in your cabin by your steward, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant cars by Italian waiters. The train uses fresh, local ingredients that are collected en route. Crisp linens, sparkling crystal, and gleaming utensils are on the tables for every meal, giving you a truly luxurious dining experience at each sitting.


The most popular Orient Express route starts in London and takes you through Paris to Verona or Venice, but you can also leave from Venice with destinations of Prague, Vienna and Budapest and back to Paris or London. Once a year, the train travels from London to Berlin and back. Of course, you can also book the train for the original journey from Paris to Istanbul, or back, which recreates that maiden voyage during a memorable six-day excursion. This route is extremely popular and should always be booked as early as possible.


Whilst the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is luxurious, the cars are original and don't have too many modern updates, meaning you need to be prepared for a bit of adventure when you embark. The train operates from mid-March to early November and the fares range from £2,200 per person for a Venice to London journey, up to £40,000 for a Grand Suite on the Istanbul journey. You can often save by booking early. All fares include meals, but not beverages.

If you'd like to see Europe from a fantastic perspective that you've never considered before, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a breath-taking way to do so. Book your trip now and be ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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