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A-1 Trenchless Services LLC


Job did not go well. They were not able to fully inspect the line. They left my sewer line leaking because they failed to properly re-attach the sewer cover.

- Jeffrey F....

Heinz Home Improvements and Services, Inc.


We were so impressed with the attention to detail and the kindness of Christopher and his employees. You can really tell they all take pride in EVERYTHING they do. I have recommended him to all of my friends and family and will be doing so for many years to come.

- Dorsa S....

The Pipe Doctor Plumbing Service


Adam and his partner came the same day I called as my sewer was backing up into my shower and over-flowing my toilet. They were professional, kind to our dogs and overall were a pleasure to work with. Very thankful at how efficient this company was from start to finish!

- Natalie M....

Fry Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning


Fry came out over 2 days to diagnose persistent back up problems we'd been having - trust me NOTHING is worse than sewage backup!! Fry did a great job! it was a lot of work and took a long time and in the end we have a clean sewer line, peace of mind and a dvd to show exactly what they did and how. I highly recommend Fry

- Jeffrey M....

Rocket Rooter Plumbing


Rocket Rooter plumbers carried their heavy equipment down into my basement and cleared two sewer lines from my house out towards the street where the lines join DC Water and Sewer main lines.

- Mary E....

Sparkle Drain Cleaning


Everything went fine. I've had problems with the main sewer backing up in the past, and this was preventative maintenance. He was able to feel that the sewer had a bad spot in it, and confirmed that it is a good idea to snake it out at least every 18 months. Very professional and answered all questions completely

- Marie H....

4 Service Pros


well. They allowed me to participate by watching the camera and explained what was happening. It is not often that you have a contractor make it look easy but they did...with good results.

- Barry M....



Great service and solved the issue for a clogged sewer drain. They came the same night within 30 min. Will definitely call them again if needed.

- Alejandro N....

Kramer and Sons Plumbing Services Inc


Excellent response time. Although crews were backlogged, they were able to squeeze us in when an earlier job was completed ahead of schedule. All excavation from the 9-foot deep trench was placed upon a tarp to elimate debris on the lawn. Extreme care was taken to avoid the waterline which was located directly over the sewer break. The broken sewer was repaired and the backfill was placed in lifts and compacted. The disturbed area was smoothed and seeded and covered with straw. Throughout the preocess the workers were very professional and explained each step of the process. Since the procedure was covered by the Old Dominion water and sewer insurance, I cannot speak to the cost, but the quality of workmen and their work were excellent

- Anthony W....

Len the Plumber, LLC.


I called this company for the first time, with an emergency situation, on a Sunday. The phone customer service team was great. Within two hours, a technician was at my door to assist. The plumber who came, Anthony, was superb! He was courteous, incredibly professional, and calm. He checked out the situation, told me exactly what needed to be done, quoted an affordable price, and he fixed the problem. He had all of the equipment and parts on hand needed for the service, cleaned up the area when he was done, and took the time to educate on maintenance/preventive tips for the future. I would highly recommend this company and technician

- Patrick R....

4 Service Pros


Picture this, you’ve just returned from 23 days in Africa, you’re tired, have tons of laundry and the first load you do backs up the sewer line and floods much of the bottom level of your house. It’s a Saturday, your plumber of many years has passed away, and now you have FOF (fear of flushing.) You turn to Angie’s List, fill out a questionnaire and within minutes receive a call from 4 Service Pros asking if you need help. “Yes” you say and within a few minutes receive a call from Edgardo who is finishing up another emergency call and says that he will be at our house in about 45 minutes. Well, not only did Edgardo come, but he brought state of the art equipment and considerable knowledge with him. I was concerned about our 200-foot sewer line to the street as our house was built in 1978 and the pipes of that time were often problematical. He quickly ascertained that the problem was not outside the house. Whew! Then he systematically examined everything inside the house & using a camera found the clogged area within a pipe in our crawl space. He snaked that out so we wouldn’t have to leave the house, gave us a further diagnosis of what caused our problem in the first place and possible alternatives to take care of the issue to avoid problems in the future. Edgardo was very professional and he knew what he was doing. We were very impressed with this company’s response and now feel like we have a plumber again

- Diane A....

Remedy Plumbing and Drain Cleaning


Owner came out promptly when we called for a sewer line backing up into our basement. His quote was better than another we received an hour before, and he had the equipment ready to go immediately. He cleared the blockage and advised us to pursue a video inspection because of a snag in the line (possible rupture in the pipe and/or tree root) that likely contributed to the backup

- Robert G....

Long's Corporation


Was it Jim Morrison who sang "No gets out of here alive"? Well, no one gets out of sewer line work for cheap. Quality is the key. And Long's is your answer. They came, they snaked, they dug. It cost a lot but I'm much happier having forked over my hard-earned cash to professionals like Sherry, Teresa and the crew with confidence than to the sketch dudes proposing bids 30-40 percent higher. We've had a several major crappy sewer line problems totaling almost $30k. So, I'm now almost a certified expert in line clearance and repair. I wish I'd called Long's three years ago. We've called emergency plumbers several times, each charging a minimum of $400-600 to snake , unclog debris and run a camera. When the BIG problems (tree root damage) came into play, excavation was required at $6000 (those rates can go up quickly from there based on pipe length and complexity of the dig). This last incident was a collapsed orangeburg pipe BEYOND the previous full sewer line excavation and replacement from 18 months ago. Arrgh! This required a $19,000 excavation below the street and sidewalk?.tacking on massive costs for permits and asphalt replacement. Long's took care of it end to end. Long's showed up for a non-emergency snake, camera and estimate the day after I called. Sherry went above and beyond two previous companies' efforts, breaking through the clogging debris AND clearing hefty collapsed pipe debris further down. She marked the damage spots and got measurements for an excavation estimate. Her work cleared the line well enough to get another month of regular use before the big dig would start. So huge points to Long's for having experienced personnel and good customer service going above and beyond. The dig was designed to minimize displacement and costs. Two deep holes were made (yard and street) then the crew burst out the old pipe while feeding new replacement pipe in. All done in a day. The alternative to this approach would have been a massive, deep 10-16' ditch. A secondary paving crew arrived later to do a VDOT-required finished pave -- a massive part of the expense. Overall, this was a totally professional and courteous crew. The intrusion was minimal. I can't say enough good things about Long's. They did a lot to ease the pain of this kind of major work. [Note for home buyers and Fairfax County residents: This work occurred in a 1950s-era development. Every month, someone in the neighborhood is replacing decayed or tree-crushed orangeburg sewer pipe. We did not think to inspect the sewer line as part of our home purchase inspection. Knowing what I do now, I'd demand it for any future purchase of a home older than 25 years. Also, In most every other place in America, the county/city takes responsibility for sewer lines at the sidewalk and beyond. in Fairfax, the HOMEOWNER is responsible for the ENTIRE sewer line from the home to the sewer main. Again, another hard lesson of homeownership in NoVa. I hope this helps someone else!

- Pete G....

W H Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating


Contacted W H Winegar Sunday evening and received a call by 6:45 am the following morning. Time was coordinated and Jim Swingle (hope I got your name right) showed up as promised. Jim was knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. After clearing the clogged pipes, he provide clear instructions on what to do next. Very pleased with the service. Highly recommend! W H Winegar & Son and Jim has our business! Thanks! A+

- Josephne O....

Albert Nahman Services


They responded to my request in a timely manner. The service they provided was very reasonable for an "emergency" repair and communication with the office was perfect. Highly recommend.

- Nancy M....

All American Drain Services


Don, Jr. and Andy were very professional and knowledgeable when they came out to diagnose and dislodge the clog in the pipes that was causing my lower level toilet to back up. The backwater valve in outside sewer is about 50 yrs. old and they advised to replace corroded pipes and descaling at some point in the future. Jr. was excellent in describing in simple terms what the problem was and possible solutions to prevent this reoccurring. They were great to deal with..cleaned up the area when they were finished. It was a great experience from start to finish. As a senior citizen it is sometimes unnerving to deal with service companies but that is not the case with this company and service technicians

- Alice C....

Mallick Plumbing & Heating


They fixed the problem as quickly as they could considering the issue and informed me of another company that could do the clean up etc. very professional..

- Kathleem M....

The Pipe Doctor Plumbing Service


Adam showed up on Christmas Day and did a full assessment and explanation. My son and his bride were flying home for the 1st time since he returned from deployment. We called two other "outfits" that promised emergency service but no go on the 25th. It was a tough job as we have an old house with old cast iron plumbing. Adam explained everything in detail - once the line was cleared Adam returned with Don the next day ran the camera through and gave us a video - 60+ year old cast iron pipes; there are numerous issues and we will definitely have Pipe Doctor back to address our issues. A new access point was installed in the main basement line - I am well and truly pleased with this job and the price. I believe plumbing reviews in this area (NOVA) all seem to mention over pricing. I am happy with quality, price, and professionalism. I plan on having Gary and team back to do more work. Semper Fi, G&G Le

- Regina M....

Able Plumbing Inc


Very responsive, Able Co. snaked the line, clear the back up, so that sewage flowed. Problem resolved.

- Richard S....

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup


They came same day and fixed our problem. May find the same service cheaper, but not with same day service!

- Christopher B....

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