russian tiktok song translation (2023)

Viral Russian TikTok Song Lyrics Explained - What does the Russian Song on TikTok Mean

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,uh,yeah,a new form of food dance has gone viral,on tick truck and users can't stop,dancing on the russian song,a new trend has taken over tiktok and,its users,the new trend derb food dance on the,video sharing platform is also known as,the horde sauce dance,the trent sees users dancing to the,famous russian song in a certain way,while delivering,delicious and spicy food,what is the song from tiktok's food,dance trend,lyrics english translation,so let's find out tick tock users who,wish to participate in the sight food,dance,turn are searching for the catty song,from the trend according to hitc,the vital song from the video is a,russian song sung by,morat,the title of the song when translated to,english means i will,you will know better so,as the title suggests,the song is as rochi as the title the,song is fresh catchy and has some groovy,lyrics,the viral tick tock food dance trends is,more art song play in the background,while users pour,streaming hot sauce such as cheese sauce,or,marinara on their food usually,containing fries necklace or broccoli,so,then they take a bit of the food and get,themselves ready to break into a dance,the moment the bead drops they start,dancing in a particular step,so the most common dance step is where,you hold on,hands still in front of your chest,next use an other hand to do the dab,alternatively,so,once on the top and then on the bottom,at last share the video on your tick,tock profile with the hashtag,food dance and bam you are in on,the lectures trend so,for dance trend videos,meet the trend creator,john,mcguiness 36,the fourth dance trend has gained over,1.1 billion views on tick tock,the trend was originally created by,tiktok user john mcginnis,with more than 5.5 million followers,the canadian social media personality,started,the trend on september 15 he shared a,video of him taking a bite of subway,sandwich before breaking into the same,song,step of,moriyat,song so,the video has since occurred,uh,voping 8.9 million views,790.5,000 likes and 17.2 000 comments,one of the interesting facts about the,trend and the tick tock user is that he,is seen in the same check shared,in all of his food dance videos,the trend has been followed by many,other tick tock stars who followed the,same dance routine and the song,so thanks for watching my video if you,find this video helpful,please like share and subscribe goodbye

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Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

Google Translate Songs with Camila Cabello

-Everyone knows thatyou're an amazing singer,,so I thought it could be funif you and I,performed a few songs.,Thank you. But...Thank you.,Oh, but here's the catch.,To mix things up a bit,we fed these songs,into Google Translate.,And we're going to performthe jumbled lyrics right now.,It is time for"Google Translate Songs.",Here we go.,-♪ Google Translate Songs ♪,-So, if you ever useGoogle Translate,,you know thatit's not always perfect.,For example, when translatedto Lithuanian and back,,"The Tonight ShowStarring Jimmy Fallon",becomes "The Tonight Is PlayedBy Jimmy Fallon.",-True.-So, we did thesame thing with --,You've done that before?,We did the same thingwith song lyrics.,Some people havedone this online.,It's super fun.,Camila, since since you'remy guest, you will go first.,Okay?-Okay.,-You will be singing the GoogleTranslate version of "Bad Guy",by Billie Eilish --,which, when translated,is called "Evil Young Boy.",Roots, whenever you're ready.,♪♪,-Yeah.,I am gonna channelmy Billie Eilish.,♪ Comfort ♪,♪ Demi's nosewears a shirt ♪,♪ Your fingertipsare quite lazy ♪,♪ Reaches aroundwithout asking ♪,♪ What if you didsome crimes? ♪,♪ An evil young boy ♪,♪ That sounds likea bumpy boy ♪,♪ That's your husband ♪,♪ Sternum'sunder pressure ♪,♪ My text is evil ♪,♪ Your mom getskind of weird ♪,♪ My daughter'sa desert ♪,♪ Elminate your dad ♪,♪ I'm an evil boy ♪,♪ Ghosts ♪,♪♪,-Bumpy boy.-Yeah.,-It was bumpy boy.-"I'm a bumpy boy.",-"I'm a bumpy boy.","Bumpy boy" is great.Alright. Alright.,Here we go.I will be performing,the Google Translated versionof "All Star" by Smash Mouth.,-Love that song!-Me, too.,It's now called"Hot Ball.",Here we go --"Hot Ball.",♪♪,-♪ People who don't speaksaid the world is bent ♪,♪ I left my sharpest knifein the house ♪,♪ The girl who could not thinkhad a finger and a finger ♪,♪ Things existedon her...face ♪,♪ Whoops ♪,♪ A-hoy,you're a hot ball ♪,♪ Fun is happy ♪,♪ Hang out ♪,♪ A-hoy,you're a stone man ♪,♪ Entertain me ♪,♪ Have cash ♪,♪ Shiny thingsare not metal ♪,♪ But the rocket burstssmash the fungus ♪,Wow.-The original lyrics.,-That is. That's the bonuslyrics of the original song.,-I personally thinkthat is pure poetry.,-Yeah, it is pure poetry.Thank you.,For our last one here,let's do a duet,of the classic Shaggy song"It Wasn't Me.",But we'll be singingthe translated version,,which is called"I'm Not the Self.",-That's actually --That's very spiritual.,-Yeah, I'm not --I'm not the self.,- Very, uh --- That's the wayShaggy wants to do it.,"I'm Not the Self."-He's not the self.,-Alright, here we go.,Roots, whenever you're ready,give me the beat.,♪♪,-Oh, yeah.-Yeah.,-♪ Welcome, sugar,take my hand that is bruised ♪,♪ Slipping withthe girl of doors ♪,-♪ You imagine thereare empty butts ♪,♪ Slapping on thetoilet ground ♪,-♪ I was spotted on a mantle ♪-♪ I'm not the self ♪,-♪ I was harmful to the couch ♪-♪ I'm not the self ♪,-♪ Bathing very muchwith her now ♪,-♪ I'm not the self ♪,-♪ She took a pictureof receptions ♪,-♪ I'm not the self ♪,Camila Cabello, everybody.

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Marwa Loud - Bad Boy (Clip Officiel)

Marwa Loud - Bad Boy (Clip Officiel)

maple laquelle elle était capable en,harmonie c'est pas ton équipe et on a,collé tout tes copines ouais on est,collé à force de jouer oui on les arrose,je perds le fil est à peine on sait pas,dit il,l'étape 1 kg vais pas le dire je prends,pas au sérieux,pourtant chacune,mais comme elle s'ennuie son avoisine,bonjour les monnaies,depuis on attend,j'essaie de faire revivre souvent,sourire de faire le tri,en aller et ce depuis autant d'années,faire,ian gbagbo,pascoe,tout est le bilan de votre coeur,ap,les basques,la patronne,m,bye bye à la vie de mes roues étaient,abonnés tu peux pas changer de forfait,et ont abandonné,donc tu mettais quand tu mets ton bonnet,et tu pourrais tu pour continue tourner,mon tu sors du sort le dépôt des bennes,accompagné ouais donc c'est bon c'est,bon elle a lu tout en veillant à partir,douala ouais tu te casses il est temps,de se mettre à jour les mots analyse,depuis tant d'années j'essaie de faire,comme les deux sourires de faire le tri,et ce depuis autant d'années,mais moi de faire la primate bad boy,valois passants et des bobines sens de,votre coeur,papa,benzema,m,là,bad girl,on n'a pas de quoi,1,bein sont des backpackers

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Mama I'm a criminal [Official Video]

Mama I'm a criminal [Official Video]

mama I'm a criminal mama I'm a criminal,mama I'm a criminal criminal criminal,mama I'm a criminal no ma I'm a criminal,Norma I'm a criminal,my mama claiming now is gulimero,climbing in lucca gap debate the NICUs,news to get Ibaka,many para Brock Ibaka my mama criminal,intelligence bill did when I was a booty,call Guevara who looks only kuzey clear,because the most ability given most my,mama came now candidate overlap agnostic,John please know what it was pretty much,yeah James of miss chica oopsie mob,Shinnecock my mama came in now,subhana Moses Negreanu Tamina with cast,of a finale to truly be Nagas stuff cuz,this room is secure my mama came in now,that the glad you look upon the,rockaroonie cut cast the Sam who should,you have to say big cow pasture was boy,Yuka,Norma I'm a criminal criminal,Norma I'm a criminal,Norma I'm a criminal Norma I'm a,criminal,mama I'm dreaming now as IRAs on the,Rottweiler fill up a block that could,often touch the moon is bright blue back,but I got a little Minister presenter,figure out more together look a free,people and their bankers pretty mama,mama,am I dreaming now on Bravo's watch me at,my grandma's love tear out my Braille,Balin if we're above the wall I can,typical watching my new segment I'm mama,dreaming now he's not a Buddhist and,oppa can you well a buddy's business,career I could miss you she got style -,presto mama cream in now,Norma I'm a criminal Norma I'm equipment,Norma I'm a criminal,Norma I'm a criminal Norma I'm a,criminal,you

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Jerusalema (LYRICS) - Master KG Ft. Nomcebo With English Translation

Jerusalema (LYRICS) - Master KG Ft. Nomcebo With English Translation

quiero darle más aire a la mitad de lo,no lo sé tú ven a su mami chilena llegó,esta lema y la de los no lo sé,una pena,según anís y la que ya me agrícola no,puso fin a un coulant a mi lado no lo sé,su vida yo voy a mi artículo no me subo,a mi ángel de los dolores,y si no no lo sé,si no no lo sé,si no lo haces,según domicilio y no no lo sé,dónde,no lo sé,según ávila,a mí no sólo a mi abuela y los lotes,la ola de tsunami angular y los dolores,y,y,y,los no lo sé me apena,si manny similar llegó a estar lejos y,el amigo de los no lo sé,apenas tsunami similar y ahora me ayudan,y no lo sé,tú,sí,la noche miran al final de su vida

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TikTok Trending Song And Music English Lyrics Патимат Расулова - Карие глаза (Бомбовая Новинка 2022)

TikTok Trending Song And Music English Lyrics Патимат Расулова - Карие глаза (Бомбовая Новинка 2022)

твои карие глаза,с ночи до утра я жду а тебе одном грущу,Ты же знаешь как люблю,кто я для тебя скажи,всему миру расскажи,Я хочу чтоб люди всей знали что я тоже,есть,идеал моей любви,у меня один лишь ты,душой,я при встрече улыбнулась на сердце будет,грусть,кто я для тебя скажи,всему миру Расскажи,Я хочу чтоб люди,твоё имя на устах,всему миру Расскажи,Я хочу чтобы люди всей знали что я тоже,есть знали что я тоже есть,кто я для тебя скажи

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Rammstein - Zick Zack (Official Video)

Rammstein - Zick Zack (Official Video)

Schöner ,größer,härter,Straffer,glatter,stärker,Deine Brüste sind zu klein,Zwei Pfund Silikon sind fein,Säcke schneiden von den Augen,Nase fräsen, Fett wegsaugen,Wir entfernen rasch zwei Rippen,Schlauchboot basteln aus den Lippen,In die Wangen, in die Stirn,Botox rein bis ins Gehirn,Zick Zack, Zick Zack, schneid es ab,Zick Zack, Zick Zack, kurz und knapp,Alles Schlaffe überm Kinn,Kann man in den Nacken ziehen,Implantate ins Gefräß,Und wir liften das Gesäß,Messer, Tupfer, Vollnarkose,Sieben Kilo Reiterhose und,Bauchfett in die Biotonne,Der Penis sieht jetzt wieder Sonne,Zick Zack, Zick Zack, schneid das ab,Tick Tack, Tick Tack, du wirst alt,Deine Zeit läuft langsam ab,Wer schön sein will, der muss auch leiden,Aus- und weg- und abschneiden,Nadel, Faden, Schere, Licht,Doch ohne Schmerzen geht es nicht,Wangen straffen, Jochbein schnitzen,Sondermüll in Lippen spritzen,Falten rascheln am Skalpell,Vorhaut weg, sehr aktuell,Ist die Frau im Mann nicht froh,Alles ganz weg, sowieso,Zick Zack, Zick Zack, schneid das ab,Tick Tack, Tick Tack, du bist alt,Deine Zeit läuft langsam ab,Wer schön sein will, der muss auch leiden,Eitelkeit ist nie bescheiden,Nadel, Faden, Schere, Licht,Doch ohne Schmerzen geht es nicht,Schöner,größer,härter,Straffer,glatter,stärker

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Clandestine - Cocaina (remix)

Clandestine - Cocaina (remix)

tu étais moi prend mois dans les bras,mais je n'ai plus personne ne laisse pas,trop de reimpré niamey drogue si tu,m'abandonnes je suis pas celle que 6 3,aucun cas grave n'a touché à part toi,cavaillé l'eau dont personne n'a touché,aucun,est-il,on estime à,on estime estime,on voit,stinat,c'est ma femme,st,j'étais par les deux parents sont,heureux tellement heureux nous sommes à,ce que d'autres ont décidé dès qu'une,bonne âme dans la cage sacrifie des,décennies jour le feu a mis nos sommes,parce que tout décidé jean gustave dans,le cas où ce sacrifice des décennies,la cocaïne,st,nous estimons

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