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Oil baron John D. Rockefeller had amassed a fortune when he died in 1937 that in today’s dollars would be worth roughly $340 billion. He holds the record as the richest American ever and certainly one of recorded history’s richest persons.

For generations, the Rockefeller surname has been synonymous with vast wealth. How did he reach the pinnacle of capitalist success? By accumulating undervalued energy investments that exponentially appreciated in price as they went on to dominate their markets.

Investors now face a similar once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with renewable energy, biofuels in particular.

Is small biofuels maker Gevo (NSDQ: GEVO) the next “Rockefeller stock?” Is it poised to generate enormous riches for its early investors? Or is this small-cap energy company more hype than promise? Let’s drill down for the facts.

What is Gevo?

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With a market cap of $20 million, Gevo is a renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. The company develops bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based products by applying biotechnology to conventional chemistry.

Gevo converts renewable raw materials into isobutanol and renewable hydrocarbons that can be directly integrated into existing fuel and chemical products. Isobutanol is a four-carbon alcohol that can be used as a specialty chemical or a value-added fuel blendstock.

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In Texas, Gevo operates a biorefinery that concerts alcohols into products that range from renewable jet fuel to octane and ingredients for plastics.

How Has Gevo Stock Performed?

As with any small-cap stock involved in leading-edge technology, Gevo has been volatile and subject to huge swings on the upside and downside.

Gevo shares skyrocketed a whopping 270% on June 18, 2018, after the company received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the use of isobutanol at a 16% blend level in gasoline, up from the previously approved level of 12.5%.

Before the EPA’s ruling, 16% blend levels of the biofuel were approved only for off-road applications and boats. The ruling was widely seen as a significant catalyst for Gevo’s revenue growth, although investor sentiment quickly cooled.

The following chart shows Gevo share price movement over the past 12 months:

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How Has Gevo Performed In 2017/2018?

  • In 2017, Gevo stock fell 82.6% compared to a gain of 19.4% for the S&P 500.
  • In 2018 year to date, Gevo stock has fallen 78.6% whereas the S&P 500 has fallen 2.6%.

Who Are Gevo’s Rivals?

Bunge (NYSE: BG)

The New York-based agricultural giant focuses on helping farmers produce larger harvests by providing a smooth connection between them and customers.

Our Gevo Stock Prediction In 2019 (Buy or Sell?) - Investing Daily (4)

Bunge traces its history back nearly 200 years, to 1818, making it one of the world’s oldest agribusiness firms. Today, it boasts a market cap of $8.2 billion and has 32,000 employees in 40 countries.

The company’s agribusiness segment transports, stores and processes agricultural commodities, such as grains and soybeans. It also processes raw soybeans and rapeseed into oils and meal for use in animal feed.

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Bunge’s other divisions include edible oils, which produces margarine and other products for the foodservice industry; sugar and biofuels with eight mills in Brazil that produce sugar and ethanol, as well as a London-based sugar trading and marketing arm; milling products, including milled wheat, corn and rice; and fertilizer.


Private company Syngenta has traditionally focused on herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. But in recent years the company has expanded into biofuels. The company now operates 30 ethanol/biofuel plants across 12 states.

Swiss-based Syngenta produces a number of specialized agriproducts with limited competition; the company also appears to be gaining market share in biofuel production.

The company is a subsidiary of ChemChina, a Chinese state-owned chemical company that develops agrichemicals, specialty chemicals and industrial equipment.

Our Gevo Stock Prediction In 2019 (Buy or Sell?) - Investing Daily (5)

Green Plains (NSDQ: GPRE)

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Green Plains is the second-largest owner of ethanol plants in North America. With a market cap of $646 million, the company operates through four segments: Ethanol Production, Agribusiness and Energy Services, Food and Ingredients, and Partnership.

In addition to ethanol production, the company’s other products and services include: distillers grains, corn oil, grain storage, marketing and distribution, and cattle and food ingredients.

Will Gevo Go Up In 2019 (Should You Buy)?

Gevo enjoys several macroeconomic tailwinds. The biofuels industry is growing fast, mirroring the expansion of “green” energy.

Biofuels are liquid fuels derived from agricultural products. The most important biofuel in the U.S. market is ethanol, an alcohol made primarily from corn. Biofuels such as ethanol are supposedly cleaner and more efficient than fossil fuels but their overall benefits are a matter of debate.

Ethanol, for example, requires energy to create, takes vital food-producing cropland out of circulation, and ethanol plants can be major polluters.

Regardless, a cash-rich lobbying industry has arisen to protect biofuels and the industry has attracted considerable investor interest.

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This video explains the details about the biofuel and ethanol industries:

(Video) Gevo Stock Analysis - Is Gevo Stock A BUY?

Pike Research predicts the global biofuels market will grow from $82.7 billion in 2011 to $185.3 billion in 2021.

The U.S. is now the world’s leading producer of transportation fuel made from harvested plant material, producing at least half of the world’s biofuels supply. Ethanol, made mostly from corn starch from kernels, is by far the most significant biofuel in the U.S., accounting for more than 90% of biofuel production.

The U.S. government has incentivized the use of biofuels since the Energy Tax Act of 1978, which provided an exemption for ethanol from the federal excise tax on gasoline.

The watershed moment came with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which mandated ethanol usage. The act created the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which requires the nation’s fuel supply to contain increasing volumes of biofuel.

Various biofuel tax credits have expired over the years but mandates under the RFS remain in place and will keep ethanol demand strong.

Our Gevo Stock Prediction In 2019 (Buy or Sell?) - Investing Daily (7)

Corn ethanol is the granddaddy of biofuels but it’s only a partial solution. The future of biofuels belongs to high-tech companies that are developing advanced second-generation biofuels. Corn ethanol and biodiesel are generated from food crops, whereas second-generation biofuels are derived from non-food biomass such as wood chips, farm and forestry residues, or municipal solid waste.

The RFS stipulates that advanced biofuels make up 22 billion gallons of the 36 billion gallons of biofuel required to be blended annually by 2022. Therein lies the opportunity for biofuel producers.

Also growing in demand is “ethanol free” gasoline, the other side of the biofuel coin. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the market size for ethanol free gasoline is about 5 billion gallons per year, outside of reformulated gasoline (RFG) regions. RFG areas are required to sell gasoline containing an oxygenate. The RFG program was mandated by Congress in the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments.

Since ethanol mandates started to come upon the scene, ethanol was the only gasoline oxygenate available. However, Gevo’s isobutanol provides ethanol free gasoline for use in RFG areas. When RFG regions are included in the market size estimation, the total ethanol free market is expected to be about 7 billion gallons per year.

Gevo develops its products based on synthetic biology, as well as conventional biology and chemical industry production techniques. The company’s proprietary processes convert carbohydrates to low carbon chemicals and fuels. Gevo has developed technology to retrofit existing ethanol production plants to produce isobutanol.

The EPA’s decision in June 2018 opens a potentially vast new market for Gevo.

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Will Gevo Go Down In 2019 (Should You Sell)?

That’s the bull case — but it mostly applies to the biofuels market in general. Despite these macroeconomic and policy advantages, Gevo is a vulnerable stock that’s likely to continue disappointing investors.

Keep in mind, Gevo reverse split its stock 1-for-20 on June 1, 2018 to avoid getting de-listed on the stock exchange. This cut the number of shares outstanding from 25.8 million shares to about 1.3 million shares.

In December 2018, in the waning days of the Republican-controlled House, the ruling GOP pushed for the elimination of biofuel mandates, calling them wasteful and unnecessary regulations that interfere with the free market.

Biofuel mandates may have a better time in the House under Democratic control, but the political winds could be shifting against biofuels.

What’s more, Gevo faces huge competitors that boast considerable financial resources and global market reach.

Overall Gevo Forecast And Prediction For 2019

Gevo is a volatile penny stock that has badly lagged the broader market. This under-performance is likely to continue in 2019.

Our Gevo Stock Prediction In 2019 (Buy or Sell?) - Investing Daily (9)

The company’s fundamentals aren’t pretty. In the most recent quarter, the company generated a profit margin of -76.7%, return on equity of -31.6%, and EBIDTA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of -$13.7 million.

To be sure, Gevo stock spiked in June 2018 following the favorable EPA ruling. The soaring share price generated a lot of breathless news headlines. However, the euphoria soon wore off as investors realized that thinly capitalized Gevo has a weak balance sheet and faces formidable competition in a turbulent industry.

Gevo has consistently posted net quarterly losses and I don’t see much hope of the company turning around its performance anytime soon.

The biofuels industry holds great future promise, but Gevo is too risky. Don’t get blinded by the hype surrounding this microcap stock. There are better — and far safer — places for your money.

John Persinos is the managing editor of Investing Daily.


Will Gevo stock go up? ›

The 3 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Gevo Inc have a median target of 10.00, with a high estimate of 18.00 and a low estimate of 9.00. The median estimate represents a +255.87% increase from the last price of 2.81.

Is Gevo stock a buy? ›

The Gevo stock holds a sell signal from the short-term moving average; at the same time, however, there is a buy signal from the long-term average. Since the short-term average is above the long-term average there is a general buy signal in the stock giving a positive forecast for the stock.

How do I invest in Gevo? ›

How to buy shares in Gevo
  1. Compare share trading platforms. Use our comparison table to help you find a platform that fits you.
  2. Open your brokerage account. Complete an application with your details.
  3. Confirm your payment details. Fund your account.
  4. Research the stock. ...
  5. Purchase now or later. ...
  6. Check in on your investment.

What is gevo price target? ›

Stock Price Targets
Current Price$3.1300

Is Gevo stock undervalued? ›

Tangible Asset Value is expected to rise to about 709.4 M this year, although the value of Free Cash Flow will most likely fall to (115.3 M). Gevo Inc retains a regular Real Value of $5.87 per share. The prevalent price of the firm is $3.03. At this time, the firm appears to be undervalued.

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  • Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR)
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Why is GEVO so low? ›

GEVO stock still traded north of $100 as recently as 2016, but managed to wiped out nearly all of that value. Not surprisingly, that huge decline was largely due to share dilution. In 2018, Gevo had fewer than 5 million shares of outstanding stock. It now has as much as 200 million shares.

Who owns GEVO stock? ›

Top 10 Owners of Gevo Inc
StockholderStakeShares owned
The Vanguard Group, Inc.4.56%10,709,367
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Ltd.2.54%5,974,623
Sabby Capital LLC2.33%5,486,831
Invesco Capital Management LLC2.18%5,117,436
6 more rows

How many shares of Gevo are there? ›


What does gevo produce? ›

Gevo is focused on converting sustainably grown raw materials, specifically no. 2 dent corn, into high-value protein and isobutanol, a primary building block for renewable hydrocarbons, including sustainable aviation fuel, renewable gasoline, and renewable diesel.

What was Gevo IPO price? ›

The initial public offering price is $15.00 per share. Our common stock has been approved for listing on The Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol “GEVO.”

Is Venus Concept a buy? ›

Venus Concept has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company's average rating score is 2.50, and is based on 1 buy rating, 1 hold rating, and no sell ratings.

Is Gevo stock overvalued? ›

Because Gevo is significantly overvalued, the long-term return of its stock is likely to be much lower than its future business growth. Link: These companies may deliever higher future returns at reduced risk.

Is gevo a small cap? ›

Gevo is a smaller company with a market capitalization of US$559m, so it may still be flying under the radar of many institutional investors.

What stock should I buy now? ›

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  • Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR)
  • SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI)
  • The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS)
  • The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA)

Is gevo clean energy? ›

To make its energy-dense liquid hydrocarbons, Gevo uses low-carbon renewable resource-based carbohydrates as raw materials and is developing renewable electricity and renewable natural gas for use in production processes, resulting in low-carbon fuels with substantially reduced carbon intensity.

Is Venus Concept a buy? ›

Venus Concept has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company's average rating score is 2.50, and is based on 1 buy rating, 1 hold rating, and no sell ratings.

What is the forecast for Apple stock? ›


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An examination of Therapix Biosciences stock, its rivals, whether it's overpriced or underpriced, and a prediction for the stock in 2019.

With a market cap of $13.6 million, Therapix is yet another in a growing number of micro-cap, clinical-stage cannabinoid drug companies.. As with most clinical-stage companies, Therapix has no drugs getting prescribed.. In 2017, TRPX shares lost 40.5% whereas the S&P 500 gained 19.4%.. In fact, Haldol has been the go-to for Tourette’s since the 1960s.. Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) A $121.2 billion market cap firm, Eli Lilly is the maker of Prozac.. When investing in the biotech sector, go with companies that have at least one drug on the market that’s making money.

Get the latest GEVO stock forecast powered by the most important price indicators. Get an edge in the market with our Gevo, Inc. stock forecast for tomorrow and next 5 days.

When trying to predict the Gevo, Inc. price, traders also try to identify important support and resistance levels, which can give an indication of when a downtrend is likely to slow down and when an uptrend is likely to stall.. Moving averages are among the most popular Gevo, Inc. price prediction tools.. As the name suggests, a moving average provides the average closing price for GEVO over a selected time frame, which is divided into a number of periods of the same length.. For example, a 12-day simple moving average for GEVO is a sum of GEVO’s closing prices over the last 12 days which is then divided by 12.. In addition to the simple moving average (SMA), traders also use another type of moving average called the exponential moving average (EMA).. If the GEVO price moves above any of these averages, it is generally seen as a bullish sign for Gevo, Inc.. Conversely, a drop below an important moving average is usually a sign of weakness in the GEVO market.. Most traders use candlestick charts, as they provide more information than a simple line chart.. Traders can view candlesticks that represent the price action of Gevo, Inc. with different granularity – for example, you could choose a 5-minute candlestick chart for extremely short-term price action or choose a weekly candlestick chart to identify long-terms trends.. Let’s use a 1-hour candlestick chart as an example of how this type of price chart gives us information about opening and closing prices.. The chart is divided into “candles” that give us information about Gevo, Inc.’s price action in 1-hour chunks.. Each candlestick will display GEVO’s opening price, closing price, as well as the highest and lowest prices that Gevo, Inc. reached within the 1-hour period.. It’s also important to pay attention to the color of the candle – a green candle means that the closing price was higher than the opening price, while a red candle tells us the opposite.

Gevo Stock Forecast: The company’s stock price doesn’t currently reflect its position as a leader in biofuels, which could mean a bargain for investors who buy now

Of course, the question for investors is, which biofuel company is most likely to make clean energy profitable?. Gevo has seen some success in developing advanced biofuels that meet clean energy standards, and some investors think it will be a major player in the future of the clean energy industry.. There is more to clean energy than simply finding methods of reducing carbon emissions.. An ideal clean energy solution would reduce carbon emissions and work within existing infrastructure, all the while using land responsibly.. It is focused on developing and implementing technology that can replace fossil-based fuels and chemicals with renewable carbon alternatives .. Unlike many of its clean energy competitors, Gevo doesn’t work with solar and wind energy sources.. Within weeks, stock prices went from their initial price of $15 to more than $150 per share.. That excitement was short-lived, and share prices dropped precipitously.. The new process can convert low-carbon isobutanol and low-value fusel oils into renewable diesel.. #1 Stock For The Next 7 Days When Financhill publishes its #1 stock, listen up.. Financhill has a disclosure policy .

$2.84 0.05 (1.79%) After Hours: $2.84 0.00 (0%) Sep 9 4:00pm

GEVO's current lowest rank is in the Stability metric (where it is better than 0% of US stocks).. Revenue growth over the past 12 months for GEVO INC comes in at -58.24%, a number that bests merely 3.02% of the US stocks we're tracking.. Over the past 141 months, GEVO's price/sales ratio has gone up 1257.8.. Below are key valuation metrics over time for GEVO.. Gevo to Host Conference Call Today at 4:30 p.m. EDT/2:30 p.m. MDTENGLEWOOD, Colo., Aug. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEVO) ("Gevo", the "Company", "we", "us" or "our") today announced financial results for the second quarter of 2022 and recent corporate highlights.

Is the Gevo stock price at rock bottom or could it add to its losses? Read our Gevo stock forecast for our view.

The Gevo stock price has been in a strong bearish trend in the past few months.. It has also crashed by almost 80% from its highest level in 2021, bringing its total market cap to about $652 million.. Gevo, on the other hand, is an energy company that is developing renewable energy solutions like liquid transportation fuels like SAF.. Gevo business profile There are several reasons why the GEVO stock price has crashed by about 80% from its all-time high.. In addition, a look at many companies in the fund like Vestas, Orsted, and Plug Power shows that their stocks have declined sharply.. Clean energy stocks have collapsed.. Its net loss has increased from about $24.6 million in 2020 to more than $60 million in the past 12 months.. At the time, the company raised $9.5 million after selling 21 million shares.. Gevo share price history In the past few years, Gevo has made a number of deals with some key companies.. In that deal, the company will sell 45 million gallons of fuel to Kolma for the next eight years.. However, the challenge is that the company is losing millions of dollars per year.. For long-term investors, Gevo can be a good investment because of its solid balance sheet since the stock is valued as one that is about to go bankrupt.

We explain how to buy Gevo Inc stock and compare the best stock trading platforms. Plus a detailed analysis for (GEVO) and full financial history.

Gevo shares (GEVO) are listed on the NASDAQ and all prices are listed in US Dollars.. Latest market close$2.7952-week range$2.18 - $8.2750-day moving average more info button$2.87200-day moving average more info button$3.80Wall St. target price$12.33PE ratio more info buttonN/ADividend yield more info button$0 (0%)Earnings per share (TTM) more info button$-0.32 Compare special offers, low fees and a wide range of types of investments among top trading platforms.. However, indirectly, the new 1900% higher share price could have impacted the market appetite for Gevo shares which in turn could have impacted Gevo's share price.. Over the last 12 months, Gevo's shares have ranged in value from as little as $2.18 up to $8.27.. Gevo's international securities identification number is: US3743964062 What is Gevo's CUSIP number?

GEVO: Get the latest Gevo stock price and detailed information including GEVO news, historical charts and realtime prices.

Is Gevo stock a Buy, Sell or Hold?. Gevo stock has received a consensus rating of buy.. What was the 52-week low for Gevo stock?. The low in the last 52 weeks of Gevo stock was 2.19.. According to the current price, Gevo is 129.98% away from the 52-week low.. What was the 52-week high for Gevo stock?. According to the current price, Gevo is 34.34% away from the 52-week high.. The 2 analysts offering price forecasts for Gevo have a median target of 14.00, with a high estimate of 18.00 and a low estimate of 10.00.. The median estimate represents a 20.29 difference from the last price of 2.84.. All All Buy Hold Sell. * Average Estimates in Million (e.g. Revenue) or per share (e.g. Dividend).. It operates through the following segments: Gevo and Gevo Development and Agri-Energy.. The Gevo segment focuses on the research and development activities related to the future production of isobutanol, including the development of the firm's proprietary biocatalysts, the production and sale of renewable jet and other fuels, the retrofit process, and the next generation of chemicals and biofuels that will be based on the company's isobutanol technology.. Risk Low Medium High. 8. Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score is a 1-10 score of a company’s credit risk, based on an analysis of the firm’s. balance sheet and inputs from the stock market.

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That’s especially true for these penny stocks to buy.. Before we get into the fun stuff, let me reiterate this point once again: penny stocks to buy, no matter how enticing, are incredibly risky ventures.. And that’s why this list is called “penny stocks to buy now,” not “penny stocks to sit on for five years.”. So if you’re one of those intrepid investors, here are seven penny stocks to buy now:. However, the concept of alternative fuels still intrigues me, which brings me to Gevo (NASDAQ: GEVO ) and GEVO stock.. Thus, GEVO stock has explosive potential, which is why it belongs on this list of penny stocks to buy.. That said, GEVO stock isn’t without risk.. Among my ideas for penny stocks to buy now, I’d say that Dean Foods (NYSE: DF ) is my most creative.. Therefore, like most other penny stocks to buy now, it’s an incredibly volatile investment, and only suitable for the gambler.. Therefore, don’t ignore VVPR from your list of penny stocks to buy now.. Invariably, many if not most articles about penny stocks to buy now feature precious metal mining companies.. Certainly, then, it qualifies as a candidate for penny stocks to buy now.. To no one’s surprise, the marijuana industry provides many options for penny stocks to buy now.. In turn, we’d see a jump in MMNFF stock and other marijuana-related penny stocks to buy now.. So why mention this company on my list of penny stocks to buy?


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