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Gerudo Vai Armor

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This cute outfit is absolutely necessary to complete Breath of the Wild as it's needed to, not only cross the Gerudo Desert, but infiltrate Gerudo Town as only woman are allowed in there. It's apart of one of the main quests, the Forbidden City Entry.

To obtain, travel to Gerudo Town and talk to the male traveller meandering around out front, he mentions men aren't allowed to enter, however, he noticed a man successfully enter Gerudo Town and is waiting for him to leave the town again to talk to him. Once you have talked to him, head back to the Kara Kara Bazaar and go to the inn. Climb the ladder near the front entrance to reach the top of the building and you should find a figure standing there. Talking to them, they will be bashful and shy, but it's easy to tell that "she" is actually a "he." He will mention that Link would look good in this outfit, and offers him one for the price of 600 rupees.

Dressed in this traditional outfit will protect Link from the desert's heat, as well as disguise Link as a girl, allowing him to sneak into Gerudo Town undetected... well, for the most part. Some NPC's will recognize Link is actually male, but won't alert the guards to have him thrown out. The outfit comes in a blue color, with intricate patterns and gold bangles completing the look. It can be dyed in any of the available colors in Hateno Village.


Gerudo Voe Armor

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Complied of the Desert Voe Trousers, Desert Voe Spaulder and Desert Voe Headband, this armor offers heat resistance as well as some defense boost. The armor itself consists of a single green shoulder Spaulder with golden rims. Belts cross over the chest area and the arms are protected with plates. Link's hair is tied up in a bun with a headband and his trousers are red in color with golden boots and plates.

To obtain this armor, a secret store in Gerudo Town known simply as Gerudo Secret Shop, or GSS for short, sells all parts of the armor. To enter the store, first you must obtain the password that can be found in the Gerudo Town's Bar. In the back, a group of woman will be talking and if you approach them directly and ask, they will give you the wrong password. Instead, leave the shop and enter the house directly to the right, in there should be a open window where Link can eavesdrop on the woman discussing. There, Link will overhear the correct password and he can enter the shop.

The Desert Voe Headband will cost 450 rupees, the Desert Voe Spaulder will cost 1,300 rupees and the Desert Voe Trousers will cost 650 rupees. Talking to the owner, it's revealed that selling this type of armor in Gerudo Town is illegal due to the fact men aren't allowed in the town.


Golden Claymore

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The Golden Claymore is a large, two handed sword with a golden handle and large blade depicting the Gerudo symbol on it. The most notable place to find it would be near Satori mountain. Teleport to the Shrine there, head straight, little to the left, jump off the boulder and glide (for a little bit) straight till you see a large skeleton and pine trees. Land there and inside the skeleton will be the Claymore.

" Only the most talented Gerudo sword fighters carry this two-handed sword. It's actually much lighter than it appears and is surprisingly easy to wield."


Golden Bow

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The Gerudo Golden Bow is a detailed bow with gold plating at both ends and in the middle. It's the same colors as the Gerudo Voe Trousers. To obtain, teleport to Gerudo Tower, in the exact spot where you teleported, use Revali's Gale and glide right to the cliff. Once you land, search the cliff side until you see three rocks, one large and two small. Freeze time and hit the large rock till it rolls away to reveal a secret passage. Inside, the Golden Bow can be found along with a few other Gerudo Weapons.

"This Gerudo-made bow is popular for the fine ornamentations along it's limbs. Designed for hunting and warfare alike, this bow was engineered to strike distant targets."


Gerudo Spear

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Similar to the Claymore, the spear has long trident-like ends near the blade. The Spear's colors are the same as the Gerudo Voe Trousers and can be found in the same location as the Golden Bow.

"The spear's center of gravity is in it's tip, making it a bit unwieldy for the average fighter. But in the hands of a skilled Gerudo warrior, it's a weapon of reliable strength."


Moonlight Scimitar

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A small sword with a gold decorative hilt and sharp blade. It can also be found in the same location as the Golden Bow and Gerudo Spear, behind a rock in the cavern.

"Delicate Gerudo carvings decorate this curved sword. The engraved blade is extremely sharp. Apparently it once served ceremonial purposes in festivals."


Radiant Shield

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Crafted in a teardrop shape, the Radiant Shield has a purple background with a golden rims and golden patterns etched in the middle. A few red jewels, along with a big one in the middle, complete the design. It can be found in the same location as the Golden Bow and Gerudo Spear.

"This extravagant shield is presented to Gerudo warriors who rise to the rank of captain. Its apparent opulence is rivaled only by its combat capabilities."


Gerudo Scimitar

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A smaller, less decorative scimitar than it's Moonlight counterpart, the Gerudo Scimitar is, none the less, a handy weapon. With a sharp blade and gold hilt, the Scimitar is most easily obtainable in Gerudo Town. Head through the front entrance and take a left to where the rentable seals are, in that area should be steps leading up to a bunch of boxes. Go there and on top of one of the boxes should be the Scimitar.

"This common sword is often carried by Gerudo woman for self-defense. It's short, curved blade is easily recognized.


Gerudo Shield

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A gold-ish bronze shield, it's design is a bit simpler than the Radiant Shield. With intricate patterns carved in the shield and a large red jewel, it can be obtained in the Gerudo Desert. Head from the Gerudo Desert Gateway and before the Kara Kara Bazzar, should be a large hold in the ground lined by rocks. Inside should be a few Lizalfo's, fight them, but watch out for the electric attacks. One of them will be using the Gerudo Shield to defend with.

"The design of this metal shield has changed over time to match the Gerudo's sword-and-shield fighting style. It's favored by soldiers and travelers alike."


Daybreaker and Scimitar of the Seven

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A sword and shield wielded by the late and great Gerudo Champion, Urbosa. The pair of weapons are painstakingly detailed and elegant. These weapons are automatically obtained after defeating the Divine Beast, but if they are broken, they can be repaired by Buliara. To repair both, you need two diamonds, 10 Flint and one Gerudo Scimitar and Gerudo Shield.

"A famous sword once beloved by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. It is said that when Urbosa swung this sword in battle, her movements resembled a beautiful dance."

"This shield was cherished by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. The gold used to make it was handpicked to ensure a design that is both lightweight and very durable."

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