Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (2023)

The importance of using the right keywords in your Etsy shop cannot be overstated. Luckily there are plenty of Etsy keyword tools to help Etsy sellers with that.

Think of it as Etsy SEO.

Alongside the product title and description, keywords are the primary way Etsy decides where to rank your listing in search. While you can manually come up with keywords and tags off the top of your head, it's better to take the guesswork out of it by using Etsy keyword tools.

A good Etsy keyword tool will enable you to apply the best tags to each particular listing as an Etsy seller, allowing you the most opportunities to make sales.

But first, what are Etsy keywords all about?


  • Etsy Keywords/Tags
    • Etsy Tag (Keyword) Rules
    • How To Choose The Best Etsy Tags
  • what is an Etsy Keyword Generator?
    • eRank
    • Sale Samurai
    • Marmalead
    • Merch Titans
    • Printful's Keyword Scout
    • Keyword Tool Dominator
    • KeySearch
    • The Etsy Search Bar
  • The Best Etsy Keyword Tools

Etsy Keywords/Tags

Many Etsy sellers do not do any Etsy keyword research tool or SEO at all. This means there are plenty of opportunities to rise to the top of Etsy search if you learn how to do it correctly.

Each listing created on Etsy has a number of important elements, including:

  • Keyword tags
  • Product title
  • Category selection
  • Description
  • Attributes (eg. product color, occasion, holiday)

The keyword tags are really important. They are one of the primary ways the Etsy algorithm decides where to rank your product listing in search.

Of course, there are other important listing factors, such as your image selection, sales history, and reviews, but the keyword tags are a major determiner of where you will initially be placed in Etsy search.

Etsy Tag (Keyword) Rules

It's funny, given what a small amount of space is dedicated to adding tags when setting up a new listing, you'd be forgiven for thinking they weren't that important!

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (1)

Each Etsy listing is allowed up to 13 keyword tags, and as a serious Etsy seller, it's best to use them all. You should not leave any remaining as these are just missed opportunities.

Each of the 13 tags can be up to 20 characters in length and can include multiple words.

For example, ‘leather purse' can be a single keyword tag. In fact, using multiple words per tag is one of the best Etsy SEO strategies for ranking in their search. These are often called long tail keywords. The alternative, one-word tags, are generally too broad and competitive to rank for and are another lost opportunity.

Visitors to your Etsy shop do not see the tags which you have added to your individual listings, they are purely there for Etsy's ranking purposes.

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Tags are added while you are creating a new listing, and once live can be edited at any time in the Etsy Shop Manager part of your store.

How To Choose The Best Etsy Tags

In order to do proper keyword research, think about the answers to some of the following questions when deciding what keyword phrases to use for your Etsy listings:

  • Who is your product for?
  • What method did you use to make it?
  • What age group is your product for?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What style is it?
  • What is it made from?
  • Is it for a particular occasion?
  • What is its purpose?

Using the example of a leather purse again, it's easy to come up with some good ideas with decent search volume: ‘teen's leather purse', ‘brown leather purse', ‘minimalist evening purse', and so on.

A few other helpful tips for creating good keyword tags:

  • Research your competitor's keyword tags (must use keyword tools)
  • Replace one-word tags (ultra-competitive) with long tail keywords
  • Use more unique tags (less-competitive)
  • Always avoid irrelevant keywords
  • Don't use spammy tactics to get your listings seen
  • Use synonyms and spelling variations

However, the best way to find the perfect tags for your listings is to use an Etsy keyword tool to help you generate long tail keywords from existing search data.

what is an Etsy Keyword Generator?

It's a keyword research tool that will help you to choose the best tags for your Etsy listings. The best ones use Etsy api to analyze real-time Etsy search results and store sales.

A good Etsy keyword tool will not only show you the search tags with the highest search volume and click-through-rate, but they will also reveal the least competitive tags and those with a lower cost-per-click when advertising.

There's no point for an Etsy seller to try to rank for a term like ‘purse' even if it has as a search volume of 100,000 per month – you will likely be buried on page 200 of the search results. You want to find unique long tail keywords that describe your product more specifically.

Discovering that the tag ‘black day purse' has a high search volume but isn't being used as often by other Etsy sellers will give you the advantage of getting in front of buyers.

Keep in mind, most of the tools we are going to list here are not solely Etsy keyword generator tools. They use Etsy api to perform a number of other advanced tasks to help you rank better in Etsy search results.

Let's take a look!


Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (2)

eRank is one of the best (if not the best) Etsy keyword tools an Etsy seller can use.

This software will help you do Etsy keyword research and select the best long tail keywords to optimize your Etsy listings. It also has a full suite of other advanced SEO tools to help you get the most out of Etsy search.

eRank is very affordable. They offer a Free Plan (with limited functionality), a Basic Plan for $5.99 per month, and a Pro Plan for $9.99 per month. The latter is well worth the price and gives you full access to all features.

The Etsy tag generator and Etsy keyword research features are what makes this a standout keyword tool.

For example, see the keyword tag suggestions for ‘purse'.

(Video) How to Write a Perfect Etsy Title That GETS CLICKS!!! Etsy SEO 2022 for Beginners

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (3)

The one word keyword ‘purse' has a high number of monthly searches and a high rate of clicks. However, it is not something you would want to try and rank for because:

  • It has the highest possible Etsy competition rating, over 50,000, meaning there are that many shops using the tag
  • It has the highest possible Google search competition rating, 1.0, meaning you will pay a lot for Google adwords against this term

But we can look slightly further down the list and see that ‘beaded coin purse' is an infrequently used tag. It also has a very low competition rate with a high number of searches. If this term accurately described your product it would be the one to use!

You can also see how this Etsy keyword research and SEO tool can help you to decide what products to initially create and offer. Don't just make what you think people want, find out what they're looking for first!

Other Helpful eRank Features:

  • Etsy listing audits that check your tags, images, and overall visibility
  • Keyword tracking/monitoring
  • Attributes suggestions
  • Daily bestseller lists
  • Competitor analysis

It will take a few hours to become familiar with this Etsy keyword tool, but you will find that time to have been a good investment. None of the other tag generators include the same amount of data and analysis to help you choose the best keywords.

eRank also has a good community built around it. There is a large Facebook support group for those on the paid plans, endless hours of free tutorials and advice on YouTube, and a support service inside the platform.

Sale Samurai

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (4)

Sale Samurai is an excellent Etsy keyword tool.

This Etsy keyword research tool will help you find the most searched terms to optimize your listing.

Sale Samurai has a wealth of data that gives insight into why current listings are doing well. This allows you to mimic what already works rather than simply guessing at what might work.

With this tool, you can also learn more about underperforming Etsy listings. They may only need a few minor keyword tweaks to start ranking well in organic Etsy search.

Other notable features of Sale Samurai:

  • Advanced keyword filtering
  • Find products that sell well
  • Discover the best long tail keywords
  • Advanced shop analytics
  • Business automation features

At only $10 per month, or less on a yearly plan, this Etsy SEO keywords tool will more than pay for itself.

Sale Samurai is offering our readers a FREE 3-day trial!

(Video) This Trick Will BOOST Your Etsy Shop Rank, Reviews, and Sales in 2022 🚀 - All in one Etsy SEO Hack

Try it out risk-free and see the results for yourself.



Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (6)

Marmalead is another popular and effective Etsy keyword tool.

This program does not have a free tier or trial period, but rather you will need to sign up for their $19 per month Entrepreneur's plan.

Once registered, you can brainstorm product ideas and keyword tags based on what is trending on Etsy, analyze actual search results data, view buyer engagement, and see product seasonality. There is a wealth of data that will allow you to make the best listing possible.

Once you have optimized your Etsy tags you can then compare and track them to ensure they stay relevant and effective at bringing in sales!

Like eRank, Marmalade has a faithful following which means there are plenty of YouTube videos to teach you how to best use the platform.

Merch Titans

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (7)

Merch Titans is up next. This is a simple tool for ‘quickly generating top Etsy tags.'

While this is one of the free Etsy keyword tools, you do need to create an account and confirm your email address to begin using it.

Once registered, you can enter a seed keyword, ‘purse', for example, and it will then generate 100+ tags and the number of occurrences in current listings.

This is a very simple tool. There is no other data given such as search volume, ranking difficulty, or CPC, so it's really only of limited use.

Printful's Keyword Scout

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (8)

Printful is a print-on-demand drop-shipping platform that integrates with Etsy (see our comparison of Printify vs Printful).

If you are using Printful in tandem with Etsy, their Etsy keyword tool, called Keyword Scout For Etsy, will likely be the best for you to use. However, after the free trial period, this tool does cost upwards of $60 per month.

Keyword Scout promises to boost your Etsy listings by improving your store's visibility and SEO strategy. It will teach you how to identify the best tags and fix any Etsy SEO mistakes you are making.

Try Printful's Keyword Scout Here

Keyword Tool Dominator

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (9)

Etsy Keyword Tool Dominator allows you to complete 2 free keyword searches per day.

Enter your seed keyword and click on the search button and it will generate hundreds of Etsy tags for your store listing. It ranks the results by relevancy and search volume but does not give an indication of keyword competitiveness.

(Video) Etsy Keyword Research & SEO Optimization with Sale Samurai (How To Find Etsy Trends & Niches)

The downside is that Keyword Tool Dominator isn't focused on Etsy. They create a bunch of free tools and only put a certain amount of effort into making each one just valuable enough.

For those with a limited (or no) budget, it's a good way to start learning about keyword phrases!

Try Etsy Keyword Tool Dominator Here


Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (10)

KeySearch is another Etsy keyword tool and tag generator.

However, first impressions of this company were not great. While they proclaim a ‘Free Trial' all over the site, once you hand over your email address you learn there is no free trial due to ‘popularity'.

Instead, they offered a 20% discount coupon instead. You will need to sign up for the Starter Plan for around $15 per month.

Nevertheless, KeySearch does have a higher level of data than some of the other tag generators. They will help you to find relevant, low competition Etsy tags to improve your sales.

Try Keysearch Here

The Etsy Search Bar

Etsy Keyword Tool [7 of The Best Picks To Increase Your Sales In 2022] (11)

Lastly, you can use Etsy itself as an Etsy tag generator!

When you are just starting out with your first Etsy store, this might be the best way to find the first tags for your early listings. Simply enter your seed keyword into the search bar, and voila… keyword phrases are instantly generated!

We can assume that the ideas that pop up are among the most searched for and popular items on the platform.

Remember, when using these methods to find tags for Etsy, only use those that actually relate to your product listing. Inappropriate tags will lead to a decrease in your conversion rates, which will only harm your Etsy shop in the long run.

The Best Etsy Keyword Tools

Those are 7 of the best Etsy keyword tools that you can use to find keywords that will help you rank in Etsy search.

The premium tools, such as eRank and Marmalead, also let you track changes to your listings and rankings.

For example, if you change some of the tags on one of your listings, you can then watch and see what effect it has. This is a really useful feature that lets you know if you're on the right track!

Whatever tool you choose to generate Etsy tags, we hope this has helped you to understand this ranking factor better!

If you are looking for other Etsy content be sure to read our guide on how to make money with Etsy here.

And if you would like to get more online business strategies, tips, and motivation be sure to join the Niche Pursuits newsletter right here.

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What are the most searched keywords on Etsy? ›

Top 500 Etsy People Searches
1popular right now18,412
2gift for her18,605
4Printable wall art26,453
46 more rows

Where are the best SEO keywords for Etsy? ›

Finally, use SEO tools to research which keywords are most searched for. You can use a popular tool like Google Keyword Planner or an Etsy-specific search tool, such as Marmalead, which helps Etsy sellers find and analyze keywords specifically for their shops.

How do you beat the Etsy algorithm? ›

10 Ways to Beat the Etsy Algorithm
  1. Add your Shop Name to each listing title. ...
  2. Put the most important words first. ...
  3. Use all the words. ...
  4. Know your audience. ...
  5. Changes can take up to 30 days. ...
  6. More listings mean more chances. ...
  7. Use all your tags. ...
  8. New listings get more attention.
26 Apr 2021

How do I increase my clicks on Etsy? ›

That's why having a healthy amount of positive reviews can improve the chances of shoppers clicking into your product listings.
Good Reviews
  1. Good quality products and packaging.
  2. Accurate product photos.
  3. Responsive and friendly customer services.
  4. Post-purchase check up with customers.
27 Mar 2022

How do I find the most profitable keywords? ›

So your final step to finding profitable keywords is to take your keyword ideas and analyze their SERPs to find the ones that'll be the most profitable for you.
For each SERP:
  1. Read the “People also ask” section.
  2. Read the “Related searches” section.
  3. Click through to the top ads and pages to see what they are offering.
29 Jun 2021

How do I increase my visibility on Etsy? ›

  1. Find the best keywords for Etsy. 1.1. Think like a buyer. 1.2. ...
  2. Optimize the key components of your listing. 2.1. Title. 2.2. ...
  3. Beef up the content of your listing. 3.1. Use high-quality photos. 3.2. ...
  4. Keep your customer and market experience score high. 4.1. Product reviews. 4.2. ...
  5. Offer competitive shipping prices.
11 Feb 2021

What is the most popular niche on Etsy? ›

Researching Etsy niches in popular categories

Popular Etsy markets include wedding decor, handmade jewelry, soaps, candles, t-shirts, etc. Take a look through any of these product categories, and you'll find hundreds of thousands of products that more or less are all very similar.

Who is the #1 seller on Etsy? ›


Should I add keywords to my Etsy listings? ›

A long title stuffed with a bunch of keywords might make it difficult for shoppers to quickly find the items that you're selling when they're scanning search results. Instead for your title, think about prioritizing the most descriptive phrases and keywords.”

How do I know if my Etsy SEO is working? ›

Take a look at your most-visited listings and the search terms bringing them there. These are keywords that are working well for you! Then head over to your least-visited listings and compare their tags to the most-visited. This can give you insight to what is and isn't working.

How long does it take for keywords to work on Etsy? ›

Etsy SEO takes about one month to see real results. It takes time for everything to adjust and respond on Google as well as getting new traffic. For Etsy SEO 2022 descriptions make a difference because it gives you a chance to communicate what your offering and include rich keywords.

What is the slowest day on Etsy? ›

Saturdays are the slowest now. Translate to English.

What is Etsy's core strategy? ›

Etsy has a seller-aligned business model, which means Etsy makes money when its sellers make money. Etsy offers its sellers a marketplace with millions of buyers and a range of seller tools and services specifically designed to help them generate more sales and scale their businesses.

Do favorites help the Etsy algorithm? ›

To show items that buyers are likely to purchase, Etsy's search algorithm also considers how well individual items tend to do in search. We call this “listing quality.” If a buyer clicks, favourites, or purchases an item after they've seen it in search results, that action contributes to the listing's quality score.

What is the most selling thing in 2022? ›

50 Top Trending Products to Sell Online At Your Ecommerce & Dropshipping Store in 2022
  • Laser Hair Removal Machines.
  • Portable Car Vacuum.
  • Baby Swings.
  • Matcha Tea.
  • Eyebrow Razor.
  • Seat Cushions.
  • Phone Tripod.
  • Portable Solar Panels.
25 Aug 2022

What products will be trending in 2022? ›

Luckily, we have done the research for you. This article will list the 35 top trending products for 2022, categorized by niche.
Top Trending Gadget Items
  • Phone Straps. Average selling price: $10. ...
  • Power Banks. Average selling price: $20-$40. ...
  • Phone Holders. ...
  • Mouse Pads. ...
  • Car Chargers.
8 Nov 2022

What products sell the most 2022? ›

Athleisure clothing

Athleisure clothing—a style that blends comfort and style—is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022. Now's the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and start selling athleisure products in your online store. That includes products like cycling shorts, sports bras, leggings, etc.

Are Etsy sales down 2022? ›

After years of double-digit revenue increases, Etsy's sales growth is forecast to slow to 9.7% in 2022, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

How do I sell a lot on Etsy? ›

Tips for Optimizing Product Listings
  1. Optimize Product Photos. The right product photos greatly impact overall sales. ...
  2. Add Relevant Categories & Attributes. Categories help Etsy match your products with the right buyers. ...
  3. Maximize Your Tags. ...
  4. Write Effective Product Descriptions. ...
  5. Adopt a Product Pricing Strategy.
16 Jun 2022

What is a good click rate on Etsy? ›

While the global average conversion rate for e-commerce sites is 2.9% (including a wide range of larger online retailers)*, a “good” conversion rate on Etsy looks different for every shop, and varies significantly across categories and price points. In general, sellers should expect a conversion rate between 1–5%.

What are high value keywords? ›

High Value Keywords

Some keywords have high commercial intent, meaning that they are more likely to drive a purchase. As an example, you can see here that the keyword “personal injury lawyer” has an estimated CPC value of $110! That means advertisers are willing to pay $110 every time someone clicks their ad.

What is the best keyword strategy? ›

The best keyword strategies rely on highly relevant keywords, which are keywords that relate closely to your business or are associated with your industry. Once you know the keywords you want to bid on, the next step in your keyword strategy involves crafting text ads that incorporate your keywords.

What sells easiest on Etsy? ›

10 Easy Things to Sell on Etsy
  • Stickers. ...
  • Home Décor. ...
  • Papercrafts. ...
  • Phone Cases & small Goods. ...
  • Organic Cosmetics. ...
  • Choose a Successful Product. ...
  • Create Item in Batches. ...
  • SEO & Marketing. Due to high competition, you have to market products to get sales.
9 Apr 2022

Why do people stop selling on Etsy? ›

Etsy sellers often stop selling because they can't keep up with the competition or they can't make a profit. The competition on Etsy is fierce, and it's becoming more and more difficult for sellers to make a profit.

What are popular niches right now? ›

Best Selling Niches In 2021

Fashion is the most common category sold online, but electronics, books, homewares, and arts and crafts are also extremely popular. Due to the pandemic, some trending products in 2020 included masks, home exercise equipment, and board games.

What country buys the most from Etsy? ›

United States

How much does the average Etsy seller make? ›

How Much Does The Average Etsy Seller Make? The average successful seller on Etsy earns between $43,000 and $46,000 per year which is a fantastic foundation to build on as top earners make over $65,000 per month!

How many sales does the average Etsy seller make? ›

The lowest volume shop had an average of 3 sales a month while the highest volume shop sold 700 products a month. At the median, Showcase participants made 20 sales a month.

Is selling on Etsy worth it 2022? ›

Selling on Etsy is worth it in 2022 because it's one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest ways to get your handmade products online and hooked up with a shopping cart function. It's also a low-risk option when compared to building a website.

Is Etsy still popular in 2022? ›

Etsy is expected to surpass annual revenue significantly in 2022, and now is a great time to stock your Etsy shop with desirable items for the new year. On Etsy, you can sell handmade items, vintage fashion, and craft supplies.

How do I get my Etsy shop noticed? ›

  1. Find the best keywords for Etsy. 1.1. Think like a buyer. 1.2. ...
  2. Optimize the key components of your listing. 2.1. Title. 2.2. ...
  3. Beef up the content of your listing. 3.1. Use high-quality photos. 3.2. ...
  4. Keep your customer and market experience score high. 4.1. Product reviews. 4.2. ...
  5. Offer competitive shipping prices.
11 Feb 2021

Are sales down on Etsy 2022? ›

After years of double-digit revenue increases, Etsy's sales growth is forecast to slow to 9.7% in 2022, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Are Etsy fees going up in 2022? ›

2. Etsy transaction fees. According to the changes made to Etsy seller fees in April 2022, each time you sell something on Etsy, you have to pay a transaction fee of 6.5% of the total sales price.

What is better than selling on Etsy? ›

9 best Etsy alternatives for craft sellers
  • Shopify.
  • Big Cartel.
  • Squarespace.
  • Wix.
  • Ecwid.
  • IndieMade.
  • Bonanza.
  • Amazon Handmade.
21 Sept 2022

What items are trending right now 2022? ›

30 Trending Products To Sell in 2022
  • Laser hair removal.
  • Head scarfs.
  • Detangling hair brushes.
  • Hair wigs.
  • Barrettes. 3 Women's fashion trending products.
  • Straight-leg jeans.
  • Swimsuits.
  • Athleisure. 4 Weight loss trending products.
5 May 2022

How can I get my Etsy shop to grow faster? ›

  1. Learn How Etsy SEO And Etsy Search Work. ...
  2. Create A Consistent Brand That Customers Remember And Love. ...
  3. Build Your Email List Early For Long-Term Customer Relationship. ...
  4. Get Inspired By Successful Etsy Sellers (But Don't Copy Them) ...
  5. Write High Converting Product Descriptions. ...
  6. Reply To Customers Responsively and Like A Friend.
22 Oct 2022

How do I increase my daily views on Etsy? ›

For this, you are going to need some tips to follow.
  1. Improve product visibility is the fastest way to get more views. ...
  2. Create a customer email list. ...
  3. Know your niche to increase Etsy sales. ...
  4. Make your storefront appealing to increase your views on Etsy. ...
  5. Make use of social media.
3 Oct 2022

What months are slow on Etsy? ›

In normal years, the second and third quarters (Apr 1-Sep 30) are slow too. Not as slow as the first quarter, but always slower than the final one.

Why are my Etsy sales so low? ›

Some causes for slow Etsy sales that would be considered “normal” would be seasonality, trends waxing and waning, typical sales patterns in specific niches, poor SEO and changes in the search algorithm, low-quality listing photos, and lack of traffic through non-SEO methods.


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